• Eco Fans

Eco Fans

Eco Fans are designed to sit on the top of the stove and work off the contact heat.  They do not require electricity.  They help to circulate the heat from the stove more quickly than through natural convection.  They are extremely effective.

There are 3 models of Eco Fan.  The 800 being the original design can circulate 100CFM  (cubic feet per minute) and our price is £70.  The newer 810 model has a more aerodynamic blade and can circulate 125CFM and our price is £110 inc VAT.  The larger 812 fan can circulate 175 CFM and our price is £145 inc VAT.

These are ex showroom prices and delivery would be at additional cost. 

The fan blades come in either black, brass or nickel finishes.